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At Digit-com, we recognize that adopting a new phone, and / or voice mail system is a gradual experience requiring time, advice and strong support. We stand behind not only our feature-rich products but also alongside the people who use them. From your initial contact with Digit-com, our interest and concern for your company's telecommunications needs will be evident. We look forward to working closely with you.

Response Times
Digit-com boasts a 2-hour turn-around time for any major emergency (i.e. system failure) experienced by a customer. Our 24-hour emergency hotline means qualified, professional support from the on-call Technical Engineer, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Minor problems (i.e. system adjustments) are solved within 24 hours of receiving a client's call. This may require on-site service, a comprehensive answer by telephone or having a Digit-com Tech modem into your system for remote support. Whatever the case may be, Digit-com personnel strive to correct any problems as quickly and efficiently as possible. We understand and realize the importance of your communications system as your lifeline to the business world. With the high user-friendliness of the system itself and the strong support, both customer-oriented and technical, provided by Digit-com, your firm would experience only high user acceptance and a smooth transition to your new Telecom equipment.

System Training

Before your new phone & voice mail system goes "live", your Digit-com Customer Service Representative will be available on-site to provide training on the system for all company staff. Training sessions (45-minutes to one hour in length) between your Digit-com Rep and groups of six to eight employees will be conducted. Training in small groups is emphasized because it allows for better question-and-answer exchange and gives all employees a better opportunity to properly see the benefits of the system. To increase employee familiarization and the level of comfort they feel for the new system, your Digit-com Rep will also distribute comprehensive training guides and customized memos/flowcharts during these training sessions.

Digit-com will take every step possible and necessary to help your employees feel more comfortable and better understand this new technology. It has been our experience that however hesitant or wary some employees may be towards the system at the beginning, they soon come to be quite accepting and enthusiastic once they recognize the numerous benefits it confers.

Customer Escalation Procedures
Technical Support is responsible for and has access to, all corporate resources available to resolve your support issue. Our mission is to provide high quality resolutions to your support issues in the most expeditious manner possible. If for any reason, you feel that your issue is not being given the appropriate attention or priority, the following escalation procedures are available:

How to Escalate a Support Issue

Escalating an "Existing" Support Issue
If you have an existin Service Order open that needs to be escalated, contact the Technical Support Engineer that is handling the issue and request that the call be escalated. If you do not feel comfortable with this, you can contact one of the Technical Support Managers, or your sales rep. They will review the issue and get back to you to discuss the action plan needed to resolve it. In this way we ensure that your support issue will receive the level of priority and attention required.

Escalating a "New" Support Issue
If it is a new support issue, log a new Service Order and immediately ask for the issue to be escalated. You will receive a return phone call from your Digit-com sales rep. (account Manager) within 2 hours. (If the account manager is not available you will be put in touch with an alternate account manager within 2 hours that will address the issue).

The account manager will review the issue and get back to you to discuss the action plan needed to resolve it.

Once escalated, we will agree on regular times for conference calls and/or status updates as appropriate. If the issue is due to a "bug", we will work with the appropriate resources, including engineering, to develop an acceptable workaround or solution. If a "Temporary Fix" is required, it will be prioritized and processed based on the severity of the problem, the impact on your business, and whether a workaround is available.

Failing all else, please call Digit-com's General Manager, Jeffrey Wiener, at CA +1 4167837890 Call - press 201 to discuss.

Service Contracts
Digit-com offers Service Contracts for the second and each subsequent year. Cost for this additional service is approximately 10% (or less) of your system's original purchase price. This contract, which includes all software upgrades, hardware, and service maintenance, naturally ensures continued high-quality service to both your system and employees. With this service we guarantee 24 hour technical support, with a 2 hour response time for all system emergencies. This also gains you access to the "Digit-com Customer Center" web site, and Free access to a system administration seminar which we host on a monthly basis at Digit-com's offices.

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