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Contact Center

Avaya IP Office Peripherals - Contact Center

Avaya IP Office, equipped to support the Compact Contact Center (CCC) application, is our leading customer service platform for small and medium businesses.

Avaya IP Office, equipped to support the Compact Contact Center (CCC) application, is our leading customer service platform for small and medium businesses. CCC is a highly modular solution designed for companies that need a sophisticated solution to their customer service needs.

What's New With This Release
A significant number of the new features within Compact Contact Center V5 increase the level of integration between IP Office and Microsoft CRM by providing greater flexibility in terms of reporting capabilities that empower businesses with the information they need to enhance any customer service operation. CCC V5 now supports Crystal Reports—an intuitive reporting toolkit that helps provide a fast, flexible way to transform and present data in Web and Windows applications for a dynamic, interactive end-user experience. In addition to the 75 existing pre-defined reports being converted into Crystal Reports format, the CCC V5 reporting package includes the ability to create three custom reports.

Business Benefits

Improve customer relationships—get the call to the right person as quickly as possible.
Enhance agent productivity with the tools and management capabilities.
Measure your customer service performance—always know how well calls are being handled.
Management by exception
Customer Option
Managing customer expectations

Scaling from 5 to 75 agents, IP Office CCC offers the ability for contact centers and customer-facing departments of all sizes to benefit from the advantages of measuring key performance indicators. By reducing the average duration of each call, major efficiency gains can be made, typically resulting in a pay-back period of only a few months.

By focusing on management by exception, CCC enables busy managers and supervisors to concentrate on other aspects of their responsibilities. Call Center View does the work and only informs the supervisor when a problem has or is about to occur. The comprehensive and highly professional graphical reports can be run over any period of time, and provide a detailed view of all contact center activity. The wallboard facility enables both fixed wallboards and pc-based wallboards to be deployed within the business, allowing managers to issue motivational and informational messages where they are most needed.

CCC offers a full and comprehensive solution to the customer contact needs of small and medium-sized enterprises, by providing high-end contact center functionality, whilst retaining the ease of use and configuration that SME customers demand.

Compact Business Center is an entry-level management tool for small customer facing departments. It provides simple real-time and historical analysis for organizations who do business over the phone. Providing real-time graphs on up to three departments or hunt groups, and the entire system, managers can quickly what improvements might be made to improve their customer service.

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