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How about features? He looks at some of the more popular features you might want to make sure are available in your new phone system. Instant Quote Blog Sales

Avaya IP Office vs. Nortel's BCM Comparison

The following will highlight some of the differences between the Avaya IP Office and the Nortel BCM

- Built in conference bridge to allow up to 64 people to come into a conference call – BCM does not have this. This is included with the IP Office.This will allow your company to have sales meetings on a Monday morning, for example, and allow for all sales staff to convene in your company's phone system to host their own conference call.

- Instant Replay – Conference calls can be recorded and made available for play back (off the auto. Attendant). Any staff member that misses the conference call can dial in at a later time to hear the call. BCM does not have this.

- TAPI is included with the phone system – 1 seat of TAPI for each handset is included at no charge. BCM charges extra licensing costs.  This will allow each staff member to goto their Outlook contact list. Click on a contact and click dial. The phone will dial the call automatically.

- Full Duplex Speaker Phones –  All of the 5410 sets are Full Duplex Speaker phones. The current Meridian M7310 sets are Half Duplex Speaker Phones. This problem will be solved with the Avaya 5410 sets since they are full duplex. The Nortel T7208 and T7316 sets are half duplex, not full duplex as well.

- SILENT call recording with the press of a button – BCM does not have this – it can do call recording but it says “this call is being recorded”. You can not do this with the BCM.

- Automatic call record of certain extensions on an inbound and / or outbound basis. BCM does not have this. Also, it will automatically send a copy of the conversation out as a *.wav file if desired.

- Unlimited ACD queues. (Built in) BCM does not have any queues built in. They must be purchased through a license, and then you only get 2 on the basic and 50 on the Professional ACD.

- Desktop queuing option - you can set up, on an extension by extension basis, an individual queue for each user. So, you can hear "Hi. You have reached John Smith. I am currently on the phone. To hold for me press '1", and to leave a message wait for the tone". BCM does not have this.

- Requirement for a call center solution. The IP Office has a “Queue Out” option as a standard offering. So, while the caller is stuck in a queue they can get out of the queue at any time by pressing “1” to leave a message, or “2” to speak with an operator. The only way of getting the queue out option on the BCM is to upgrade to the Call Center Professional. -- - -- Position in Queue option – While on hold the caller will be told what position they are in queue. The BCM does not have an option like this.

- Desk Top phone appearance. Avaya calls this Phone Manager Lite, and every Avaya handset gets 1 license of this. This is a desk top appearance of the users phone which will also appear in a PC based application on the users desk top. The user can make calls, transfer calls, check their phone log … all from their desk top. The software works directly with the users set. The BCM has no such option.

- Microsoft Live Communication Server integration included at no charge (if you should decide to move to this at some time).

- Unified Messaging - included - it will send voice mail messages out in a *.wav format. Included with every mailbox.

And, Nortel is introducing 2 new BCM platforms next year to replace the BCM 200 and 400 – these systems will be called the BCM 300 and BCM 600. Where does this leave the 400 and 200 ? Are they being discontinued ? Can you upgrade from the 400 to the 600 ?A BCM system with 4 cards installed has 7 fans inside. If any of those fans fails it causes the system to overheat and causes the capacitor on the main system tray (Nortel calls this the BFT) to fail. Nortel has had 4 re-calls on this tray in the last 3 years. The Avaya has no moving parts, fans, or hard drives inside the box.

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