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How about features? He looks at some of the more popular features you might want to make sure are available in your new phone system. Instant Quote Blog Sales

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The "All-in-one" Communications Solution for Small and Medium-Size Companies.

What is it?
A solution for voice and data communications, messaging and customer management. It uses IP technology to deliver more functionality at a lower cost.

How can I use it in my business?
To connect with colleagues and customers… simplify access to information… keep remote workers in touch. To save money through conferencing, networking, time/ call management, Voice over IP and more.

What are my choices?
Does your business have one location? Multiple locations? Are you a branch office of a larger organization? A home office? With IP Office you can choose from a range of models and add capacity, applications and phones, as you need them. Whether you have 2 employees, 200 or more, IP Office is the right choice.

IP Office: Three key things to know
Every small- and medium-size business needs ways to reduce costs and improve the way it operates. Like every business, you're looking to keep all your customers, add new ones and grow at the pace that's right for you. Avaya understands this. With over one hundred years of experience as a leader in communications, we know that the right solution for your business is one that helps you increase profitability, improve productivity and gain competitive advantages.

Get big business communications —at small business prices
Over one million businesses rely on Avaya solutions like Avaya IP Office —the award-winning business communications system that gives growing companies an “all-in-one” solution for telephony, messaging, networking, conferencing, customer management and much more. Growing businesses know they can rely on Avaya for big business capabilities at small business prices—Avaya has an entire division focused on the needs of small- and medium-size businesses. We support extensive research into new technologies and standards, and we make it easy for businesses like yours to acquire our solutions by offering an array of financing options.

See what Avaya can do for you
You need a communications system—every business does. To find one that's right for your business, start with Avaya. With solutions like IP Office, we're revolutionizing how small and medium businesses communicate. Now is the time to see what an Avaya solution can do for your business.

Reduce monthly costs. Now.
IP Office will help you lower the cost of communications, with capabilities like conferencing, making calls over a managed Internet service (Voice over IP) and the “all-in-one” benefits of a converged communications system.

Leave the office. Be accessible.
With easy, flexible options for call/message forwarding and one-number reachability, IP Office keeps everyone in touch. Get the freedom to go where you want and never miss important business calls.

IP Office Product Description
IP Office 4.0 ©Copyright 2006 Avaya Inc. All rights reserved. Page 8
Product Description 15-601041 - Issue 15c (31st January 2007)

Serve better. Sell more.
IP Office can give you a customer sales and service center designed for your needs and your budget—with all the routing and reporting capabilities you need. Deliver the personal service that builds sales and loyalty.

Get connected.
Talk to your Avaya BusinessPartner. Discuss where you want communications to add value to your business. Learn about the different service and support options that are available. See why thousands of growing businesses rely on the innovative Avaya IP Office solution.

The right choice for you… and your business.
How we communicate is a personal choice—it has to match the needs of your business. And your needs change depending on whether your employees are working in the office, at home, or on the road. That's why when you choose IP Office you can also choose from a whole range of communication tools and applications designed to boost productivity. Choose a basic phone or one with all the bells and whistles. Connect our IP phones directly to your office LAN—also use them at home and get all the features you have at the office. Avaya Phone Manager software can turn the screen of your PC into a phone. And our wireless solutions make it easier to roam the office. With all of our IP Office capabilities, our goal is to make your communications simple and cost-effective. Let your Avaya BusinessPartner put together a selection of tools and applications that's right for you.

Fine-tuning performance.
How many calls are you handling an hour, a day? What are your peak calling periods? How many calls typically turn into sales? Avaya IP Office reporting capabilities can help you measure and manage your availability and response to customers.

Day-to-day administration.
Once your system is up and running you will benefit from the menu-driven administration tools that simplify dayto-day tasks, such as updating directories and moving phone extensions.

Getting started.
Is your communications network ready for IP Office? We'll make sure. Avaya has created a whole set of assessment and automated configuration tools to make sure that when your system is installed it's ready to meet your needs starting Day One.

Keeping ongoing management simple.
Concerned about needing extra resources to administer a system as powerful as IP Office? There's no need for worry. IP Office comes with a whole set of menu-driven tools to keep ongoing management simple.

Does my current phone system give my business what it needs?
If it is based on old technology, probably not. Your competitors will be faster and more professional with the latest in communications software. IP Office delivers the capabilities that allow you to keep up with or overtake the competition.

Do I need to understand the technology to implement it?
No. IP Office is designed specifically to give you more functionality without making more demands on your resources. Rely on your certified Avaya BusinessPartner for support before, during and after your purchase. We'll take care of you so you don't have to worry.

Do I need to spend a lot?
Not at all. You have choices based on your budget needs. Easy leasing or financing plans not only make this affordable; they help you quickly cut monthly expenses immediately. And you only have to buy/lease what you need, when you need it.

Is IP technology so new that it's not reliable?
With approximately over 100,000 systems deployed worldwide (Avaya is #1 in IP Telephony shipments*), Avaya IP Office has the track record businesses like yours can rely on. Aside from receiving the Product of the Year award by Internet Telephony magazine and being named Best in Test by Miercom in 2004, customers like you are saving money and boosting productivity. Many are managing the system themselves via menu-driven tools.

1. Introduction
IP Office 4.0 ©Copyright 2006 Avaya Inc. All rights reserved. Page 9
Product Description 15-601041 - Issue 15c (31st January 2007)

I have old systems but am adding an office. Should I consider the new technology?
Not only would this be a way for you to experience the rich functionality of the latest communications applications, but we may be able to network with your existing equipment, as well as provide a gradual migration plan for your other locations.

How quickly can I get up and running?
Just say “when”—an authorized Avaya BusinessPartner can tailor a solution to your needs and your budget. By saving you money and helping you grow, IP Office repays your investment and lets you reallocate resources to other business priorities.

Lowering long distance costs.
Routing phone calls over IP lines—Voice over IP—is growing in popularity. Particularly in the case of international calls, VoIP generates significant savings. If your company is already linking multiple offices using high-speed lines, the VoIP capabilities in IP Office make it possible to route voice calls over the existing infrastructure, providing another way to lower costs and leverage your investment. However you do it, the VoIP capabilities of IP Office are a way to put money back in your pocket.

Eliminating conferencing fees.
For connecting with partners, suppliers and dispersed employees, conference calls keep people working together and keep travel costs down. Many companies rely on third party teleconferencing services and pay a price for the convenience. This is particularly true—and irritating—if a call that's scheduled doesn't happen: you still pay the fee. Now there's an alternative that will save you money. With Avaya IP Office, your organization can have its own private, secure conference bridge and entirely eliminate fees to third party providers.

Supporting multiple offices/remote workers
When employees can't get to the office (because of storms, medical issues or other reasons) but can still work productively at home, your business benefits. IP Office Phone Manager lets you turn any PC into a phone, making it easy and productive to work anywhere. And the ability to network phone systems and share messaging systems between offices reduces up front investment and drives long-term productivity.

And keep in mind…IP Office delivers a whole range of capabilities. Only you can put a number on the value that many of these capabilities will have for your business.


Having calls automatically routed to a cell phone or other location, so important customers can get through to the right person in real-time

Being able to operate as a 24/7 business, without a 24/7 staff

Using your communications to quickly identify when your top customers call.

IP Office Product Description
IP Office 4.0 ©Copyright 2006 Avaya Inc. All rights reserved. Page 10
Product Description 15-601041 - Issue 15c (31st January 2007)

How IP Office is benefiting businesses today.

More room for sales With IP Office, a leading provider of commercial food service equipment now handles 50% more calls per day, without extra staff and without sacrificing the personal service it knows is the key to sales.

At the head of the class By relying on IP Office to connect nearly 50 buildings, a public school system saved thousands of dollars on inter-office calls and simplified communications.

Lowering global costs By using IP Office to hold teleconferences and make phone calls across the IP network, a strategic consulting firm is saving up to $30,000 per year. The right model for your business With several models to choose from, there's an IP Office to meet your needs. Ready to grow Capacities: 2-360 extensions; up to 192 analog lines; 96/120 T1/E1 lines; 128 VoIP trunk lines.

Call handling and messaging.
Get 24-hour support for callers/customers without a 24-hour staff. IP Office has a range of messaging, auto attendant and Interactive Voice Response (IVR) capabilities. Integrate messaging and advanced call handling into your customer service operations. Handle voice mail and email in a single mailbox.

Communication with customers.
Set up a formal or informal customer service center with voice, email and Web chat. Integrate your customer data base into your call handling. Manage the quality of your customer interactions.

Work anywhere.
Give your employees all the communications capabilities they have at the office whether they are working from home, a hotel or a remote office.

A complete conferencing solution.
Don't pay any more fees to outside conferencing service providers. Get Web and audio-based conferencing that are easy to set up and use.

Secure, converged communications.
Use IP Office as a secure router with a built-in firewall/VPN. Route voice calls over a managed Internet service (VoIP) and pocket the savings. Simple administration Windows-based, menu-driven tools cut the time and expense of administration.

1. Introduction
IP Office 4.0 ©Copyright 2006 Avaya Inc. All rights reserved. Page 11
Product Description 15-601041 - Issue 15c (31st January 2007)

What's New in IP Office 4.0
For those already familiar with IP Office, this page lists the new features introduced in IP Office 4.0. This is not a exhaustive list, it covers just the major changes that are aimed at improving product serviceability and end user mobility.

Hardware Support

IP Office Control Unit Support

IP Office 4.0 is not supported on the IP403 and IP406 V1.

IP Office 4.0 is supported on the Small Office Edition, IP406 V2 and IP412.

IP Office 4.0 is supported on the IP Office 500 which is new to the IP Office range of control units.

IP Office 500 System Unit
This unit has 4 card slots into which different cards can be inserted. These cards provide various combinations of digital station (DS), analog extension (PHONE) ports, voice compression channels and trunk ports. On its rear the unit has slots for embedded voicemail, a smart card feature key slot, audio port, door relay switch port and Ethernet LAN/WAN ports plus 8 external expansion module ports.

IP Office Standard Edition
By default the IP Office 500 system unit runs a subset of full IP Office functionality called IP Office Standard Edition. In this mode the IP Office 500 is restricted to a maximum of 32 users and does not support networking or advanced applications. This restriction can be removed through a license upgrade to IP Office Professional Edition.

Terminal Support
The following terminals are not supported by IP Office 4.0. They may function but have not been tested with 4.0 and any faults reported with 4.0 will not be fixed.

20DT Analog DECT used with IP Office Analog DECT and Compact DECT
4606, 4612 and 4624 IP phones
TransTalk 9040

System Status

System Status Application
This application provides enhanced details about equipment and resources in the IP Office system. This includes indication of alarms and details of current calls in progress for local or remote diagnostics. This replaces the obsolete Call Status Application.

SIP (Session Initiation Protocol)
IP Office Release 4.0 adds support for SIP trunking, which allows customers to benefit from low cost Internet telephony services. Users do not require SIP phones to make and receive SIP calls. SIP trunks are a licensed feature.

Embedded Voicemail
A number of enhancements have been added to make the embedded voicemail solution more complete. Embedded voicemail is supported on the IP Office 500 control unit (including the new Standard Edition mode) using the same options as the IP406 V2 control unit.

Hunt group/User announcements are supported using embedded voicemail.
The auto-attendant menu includes a Fax option for rerouting fax calls.
Support for Visual Voice see description below under Voicemail Pro.
Support for Sub Menus (Multi-level auto-attendant).
Support for Fast Forward (#), Rewind (*), Skip message (9) and Call Sender (**) when listening to messages.
Support for 3 voicemail reception destinations using *0, *2 and *3.

IP Office Product Description
IP Office 4.0 ©Copyright 2006 Avaya Inc. All rights reserved. Page 12
Product Description 15-601041 - Issue 15c (31st January 2007)

Voicemail Pro

Voicemail Channel Reservation
IP Office 4.0 allows voicemail channels between Voicemail Pro and the IP Office to be reserved for particular business-critical functions or to be left unreserved.

Visual Voice
Users with Avaya multi-line display phones can use a display menu driven interface for accessing and controlling the playback of messages in voicemail mailboxes. This is supported with Voicemail Pro, in Intuity emulation and IP Office modes.

Voice Recording
A number of improvements have been made to call recording operation in conjunction with Voicemail Pro.

In the descriptions below 'party' can mean user, hunt group or incoming call route involved in a call.

Calls including IP end points, including those using Direct Media, can now be recorded

Voicemail Pro automatic call recording can be triggered by Incoming Call Routes

Where recording is triggered by several parties within the same call, separate recordings are produced for each party.

For example if both automatic hunt group recording and automatic user recording are applicable to the same call, separate recordings are produced for both the hunt group and the user.

Recording only continues while the party triggering the recording is part of the call, for example:

Recording triggered by a user stops when that call is transferred to another user.

Recording triggered by a hunt group continues if the call is transferred to another member of the same group. Recording stops if the call is transferred to a user outside the hunt group.

Recording triggered by an incoming call route continues for the duration of the call on the IP Office system.

Parking and holding a call pauses recording. Recording is restarted in the same file when the call is unparked or taken of hold.

User Announcements
User start points in Voicemail Pro now include Queued and Still Queued options.

Cascaded Out-calling
Voicemail Pro can send a notification, with an escalation capability, that a new voice message has been received in a user's mailbox to specified phone numbers. This is particularly useful in environments such as healthcare and support where important voice messages are left and need to be answered promptly - even outside of office hours.

1. Introduction
IP Office 4.0 ©Copyright 2006 Avaya Inc. All rights reserved. Page 13
Product Description 15-601041 - Issue 15c (31st January 2007)

Hunt Groups

Agent Status on No Answer
The IP Office can change the status of call center agents who do not answer a hunt group call presented to them. The agent can be put into busy wrap-up, busy not available or logged off. The change of status can be set per user and the use of this option can be set per hunt group.

Night service fallback using a time profile is no longer applied to a hunt group already set to out of service.

Voicemail Answer Time
A separate value has been added to hunt group settings to control when hunt group calls go to voicemail.

Previously the definition of queued calls did not include calls ringing against hunt group members. The definition now includes ringing calls and calls waiting to be present for ringing.

Control and usage of announcements has been separated from queuing (see below).

The queue limit can be set to include queued and ringing calls or just queued calls.


Hunt group announcements have been separated from hunt group queuing and can be used even when queuing is off.

Hunt group announcements are now supported by Embedded Voicemail in addition to Voicemail Pro and Voicemail Lite.

The times for the first announcement, second announcement and between repeated announcements are configurable.

Announcements have been designed to make efficient use of voicemail ports by synchronizing announcements across callers, reducing the total cost of ownership

SCN Distributed Hunt Groups
Hunt groups in a Small Community Network can include members located on other systems within the network. This feature requires entry of an IP Office Advanced Networking license in each system in the network.

Idle Status
For longest waiting hunt groups, the type of calls that change a hunt group member's idle status can be selected. IP Office Product Description.


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